News&Case > How many ways to customized hotel white towel logo ?
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How many ways to customized hotel white towel logo ?

All hotel towels need to be customized with the hotel's own logo. If you are a hotel procurement staff, do you know how many ways to customize hotel towels? Have you always thought that the only way is to customize the washing mark? Of course not. In here we show you how many ways you can customize your hotel towel logo.

the first custom logo way is the cleaning label, this is the most popular custom way.

if you want to custom your logo in a easy way,this is the best choice.47564d7077494c504675733251416c44704865316a413d3d.jpg

the second custom way is the jacquard

you can see that

its really natural

and its really beautiful to watch your logo


the third custom logo way is the embroider .

the advantage of the embroider logo is that you can see that have the colors

this is really popular for the hotels.

we also have the other colors, you can custom any colors as you want.