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how to better choose hotel slippers

Essentials for the hotel - slippers, is one of the most commonly used items after the stay of guests. According to statistics from relevant platforms, the percentage of use of hotel slippers exceeds 90%.How can hotel buyers purchase hotel slippers with good quality and favorable price? Today, we tell you how to better choose hotel slippers.

How many ways to customized hotel white towel logo ?

All hotel towels need to be customized with the hotel's own logo. If you are a hotel procurement staff, do you know how many ways to customize hotel towels? Have you always thought that the only way is to customize the washing mark? Of course not. In here we show you how many ways you can customize your hotel towel logo.

how to distinguish 100% cotton hotel towel and how to avoid towel shedding?

look: see the towel with the light, to see the colour and lustre of the towel, generally brightly towel is not cotton.touch: cotton towel feels very soft, hard will not be cotton.comb: comb the towel by hands to observe whether shedding, if a little shedding do not be disappointed, pure cotton towels are a little shedding, this is common. not shedding smooth towels are chemical fiber towels. Be careful of towels that feel very soft and slippery; nine out of ten are not pure cotton.

How to distinguish the quality of hotel towels?

Hotel towel is indispensable for the hotel linen, but now the market products are dazzling, how to distinguish the quality of hotel towels is good or bad?Here are the ways to identify the quality of hotel towels

How to clean your hotel linen white and clean?

The cleaning of linen is an important task as they need to be kept clean, tidy and white. Here are some effective ways and steps to help you clean your hotel linen white and clean:Classification: The linen is classified according to material and color. Different colors and materials may require different washing methods and temperaturesChoose the right detergent: Use a detergent specifically designed for linen and apply it correctly according to the product instructions. Avoid using too much detergent, so as not to leave residue on the linen.