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How to get rid of hotel leather goods smell?

Tip one:    

Soak the water with a soft towel, then take it out and wring it dry, then carefully wipe the hotel leather inside and out. After wiping, put the hotel leather in a ventilated place to air dry. It should be noted that if it is summer, you can get a little sun. If you want to change to winter, do not bask in the sun, because in winter, the hotel leather goods will be affected by the cold air, become brittle and prone to chemical reactions.  


Tip two:    

There are many honeycomb-like holes on the citrus peel, which can be used as a good adsorption material. Just wash the leftover oranges, dry them, cut them into small pieces, and put them in the hotel leather goods. After a while, you will find that there is not only bad smell in hotel leather goods, but also fragrance, and it can make our hotel leather goods emit a fresh fragrance.(In the same way, lemon peel can also be used for grapefruit peel.    

Tip three:    

Pack a large bar of soap in a plastic bag and seal it 3 Days later, there is no taste of hotel leather goods. Principle: Soap can be scented.  

Tip four:    

Fold up very ordinary household toilet paper and put it in a scented bag so the toilet paper will absorb the odor. After ventilation, the toilet paper can be reused, and of course the smell can also be used. Likewise, if you put the hotel leather in another container that is larger than the hotel leather, with toilet paper around it, the shell smell of the hotel leather will go away. You can try!    

Tip five:    

Newly bought hotel leather goods also need to be stored for two days, but they will lose their taste if they are stored in a ventilated place for a day.    

Tip six:    

You can use a brush to gently wipe the hotel leather with pure glycerin, wait for about a quarter of an hour, and then use 25-30 Wash it with warm water at degrees Celsius, and finally spray with lemon essence, and the odor will disappear.    

Tip seven:    

Add a few drops of lemon juice or lemon essential oil to the water (If not, use white vinegar or toilet water, nothing), after diluting it, spray it inside and outside the hotel leather with a small spray bottle, and then wipe it with a warm damp cloth (You can also use it cold, it works great), Remember not to be too wet, otherwise it is not good for the cortex of the hotel leather goods, put it in a ventilated place to dry, the general effect is obvious, and it will be good overnight. If the taste is heavy, you can repeat it multiple times!    

Familiar with these skills can remove the odor of leather goods in hotel rooms.