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How to distinguish the quality of hotel towels?

Hotel towel is indispensable for the hotel linen, but now the market products are dazzling, how to distinguish the quality of hotel towels is good or bad?

Here are the ways to identify the quality of hotel towels

Here are the ways to identify the quality of hotel towels

Raw material for towels

The raw material of the towel directly determines the quality of the towel, and the price of different raw materials varies greatly. The raw materials used in a good towel must be 100% pure cotton, cotton yarn is 21, 21 ply, 32, 32 ply or 40, the advantages of pure cotton hotel towels are other towels containing chemical fiber raw materials can not be compared.


Hotel towel style and weight

The lighter the weight of a single hotel towel, the better the style, and the better the cotton yarn used. On the contrary, the towel weight is not low, the towel style is not good, such as short hair, hair, thin, it proves that the quality of cotton yarn is poor. The towel weight error should not be too large, 12 (1 dozen) error is generally 2% of the whole package error is generally 0.5% of the genuine rate should generally reach 99.5% of the packaging quantity accuracy should generally be 99.9%

Appearance defects

Excellent hotel towels should be of the same length (error of less than 1%), and the wool is smooth (this point has a lot to do with the weaving process of the towel is not to say that the good cotton yarn must be fuzzy, but the bad cotton yarn wool is generally uneven, because there is now a dryer that can smooth the wool when drying, which is used for poor cotton yarn towel production, so that it can achieve high-quality towel style). The towel surface should have no broken path, broken weft, thin road, close road, bald hair, uneven hair, rough edge, etc., this point will lay the towel on the desktop, or stretch to the light perspective can be seen. In addition, the towel should be clean and tidy, no oil stains, rust stains, holes, residual edges, no residual threads.


Four sewing qualities most

The sewing thread is required to be beautiful, strong and firm, the sewing thread should be consistent with the color of the towel, the needle distance should be 2-2.5 per centimeter, without opening feet, wrinkles, silk rings, floating thread, jumping needles, and other phenomena.